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Forget those cumbersome bolt-on overdrives and weak-kneed automatics – just pack as much horsepower under the hood as you want – Tranzilla Magnums can take anything you dish out! Designed with a perfect shifter location 25-inches from the engine’s bellhousing surface, you can easily swap a Tranzilla Magnum into your favorite early ponycar, musclecar, street rod or 4x4. Put the fun and confidence back into your driving with a 6-speed Tranzilla Magnum!



  • 850Lb/Ft Torque Capacity
  • Magnum Shafts & Gears
  • Triple Cone Synchros
  • Carbon Fiber Synchros
  • 5 Ratios Available
  • Shifter to engine block dimensions available
  • 25", 26-1/4", 29", 33", and 36"