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TR 6060 Tranmission

TR 6060 4x4 Transmission

GM and Ford no longer make pickup trucks with a manual transmission. Dodge is headed that way also. RSG manufactures the only Tranzilla Tremec 6060 6 speed trans in a 4 Wheel drive option. This unit will fit GM, Ford, and Dodge pickups and also Jeeps with LS engines installed. It has all of the features of our Tranzilla 6 speed units with an extension housing that mates to a variety of transfer cases. The extension housing comes with a template so that you can clock the transfer case to fit your needs, right or left drop for the drive shafts, and any position to wind up with the correct u joint angles. Give us a call and let our tech guru help you with your project and get rid of the automatic slushbox and retake control that only a stick can offer, while improving your fuel mileage with double overdrives.

Tranzilla® HD 5-Speed OD NV 4500 Replacement (2WD Models Available)

4050 4X4 003_0.pngRSG’s Tranzilla® HD 5-Speed manual transmission is not just a replacement for the obsolete NV4500; it’s better in every way! It has more torque capacity with 450 ft./lbs., it’s all-aluminum case makes it lighter at 169 pounds, all gears are synchronized including reverse, and 5th gear is a perfect 0.77:1 for easy highway cruising and increased MPG.

Best of all, the Tranzilla® HD 5-Speed is a direct bolt-in replacement for the breakage-prone NV 4500. It can be used in Dodge, GM, Ford and Jeep 4x4s with a variety of transfer cases by using an available clocking ring. There is also a Tranzilla® HD 5-Speed OD for 2WD applications too.

With a 6.16:1 first gear ratio and double-cone synchronized first gear, the Tranzilla® HD 5-Speed makes an ideal off-road or rock crawling transmission. You can rock back and forth with no gear clashing, or simply creep over that big obstacle, this gearbox is ready!

While NV 4500 O.E. parts are nearly impossible to get, you can be confident that Tranzilla® and its replacement parts will be available for years to come. Don’t throw good money after bad – upgrade to Tranzilla® now!


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Reverse
6.16 3.11 1.71 1-1 0.77 6.03
5.81 2.94 1.61 1-1 0.77 5.69


  • Available in 2WD and 4WD configuration
  • OEM parts availability
  • Call for price quote and technical help

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